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Twin Fish House History

Painting of the original Twin Fish House

The actual museum is a replica of the twin fish house that stood near where the present day Bluefin Bay restaurant stands, in Tofte, Minnesota. It was the second fish house built in this location. The first log fishhouse was completely destroyed by a fierce storm in 1905, and the twin fish house was built on the same site later that year.

The original twin fish house contained two fishing operations, Andrew and John Tofte's and Hans Englesen's. A wall separated the two halves of the fish house but a large opening was left so that a child could slip through or a conversation could be held. In the upstairs rooms, safe from the rain and snow, old nets were dried on net reels and new nets were seamed during slow periods. The second floor had a porch away from the lake that was used to oil and dry corks. In good weather, rope and cord were hung over the porch railings to dry.


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